Can your applications software keep up with the changes in your business?

Do you want to get a lot more information from your system in order to run your business?

At Software Design Inc. we offer customized software solutions to get the information you need to run your business the way you want.

  • Build in flexibility to support your business as it grows and changes.

  • Provide real-time information on your business, organized and managed the way you want it.

  • Send and receive customer or supplier data in an industry standard format.

Our business solutions offer:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency

  • Improved communications within your organization and between your organization and your customers, business partners and suppliers.

  • Better business decisions.

  • Peace of mind that your technology systems will work when you need them.

United States of America

Points of Interest

Now offering Web Hosting and Email services
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Now offering AS2 Communication Implementation services
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Is domestic 'outsourcing' right for your business?
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We offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services. We have experience working with some of the nation's largest retailers as well as government agencies.
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We offer IBM AS400 as well as pc network expertise.

Learn more about the new generation AS400's the IBM e-server iSeries

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